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Time to turn off some TV’s!

Ok so here is project number 2!


I bought the TV-B-Gone kit from the adafruit website (all links for DIY will be posted after review).

This little kit was extremely easy to build! I had to go out to my home depot to get a Weller brand soldering iron because the Radioshack one I had was terrible. It only cost like $18! LOL


So this kit basically lets you  turn off all the TV’s (almost all) because it runs through all the codes in the chip to do so.

The way it works is that it basically turns on and starts transmitting all the code to the IR LEDs which then cause the TV to turn off when the correct code is received. It does this for about 2 minutes until it turns off. Then all you have to do is press the reset button to begin the process all over again!




I did go to target to test out the TV-B-Gone and it really worked! I will try to get some video footage of me doing so, but there is tons on line if you want to watch it in action! (there were people watching the re-caps of the Superbowl game on the TV’s and I was turning them off! LOL people reactions are funny!) ok back to distance, I was about 30ft from the TV’s and it worked like a charm in my hoodie pocket (for discretion). The kit says that it will reach 100-150 ft. with 3.0V but I upped the voltage by adding another AA battery(giving it 1.5V more) a total of 4.5V. the kit only recommends using a max of 5V or you can damage the parts. However, it does say that the extra battery gives it more range, so if you hack the device to receive more power, then im pretty sure that your range will increase as well! Let me know if you do so!


Quality/ Build


Overall the product is very sturdy and very easy to build! It came with everything I needed to work in either the US/ North America or in the EU/UK area.


Pictures of the kit!




Buy it:


Make it:


Thanks for reading (if you did LOL)

My next project will be big! As I will be making a DEADMAU5 head with LED and EL wire functionality all remote controlled! So tune in next time for another great product review/ build!



Valentine’s Day Project!

  • First off, this is not a tutorial on how to do this project, I am only showing you what I did and some steps on how I did it. However I will supply all the web pages so you can make one yourself!

Ok, so a few weeks ago I ordered a microcontroller called the Boarduino.

-reason why is that I had been looking at Arduinos. Arduinos can get expensive and the Boarduino is more than half of the Arduino for the same functionalities…

-also I was looking at LED matrix’s. These things are awesome! Look up LED matrix if you have no idea what im talking about. These are pretty much a series of LEDs lined up on a PCB and when programmed with the microcontroller (AKA Boarduino) make up the coolest animations!

I ordered a few products across the internet to make a project for valentines day, for a friend of mine!

-the products I ordered were as follows:

1. Boarduino- Microcontroller

2. USB FTDI-TTL Cable- this cable connects from the laptop/computer to the board where I upload a code to it.

3. Open Heart V2.0- the open heart is an LED matrix/PCB designed by Jimmie P Rodgers. You can check out more of his awesome projects at his site . there he has awesome tutorials on the kits he makes and sells.

4. And finally 4 AAA battery holder with a 2.1 dc socket- if I wanted the board to be fully portable than I needed to add battery power and AAA batteries were a plus. With each battery holding 1.5V of power, 4 would give me 6V which was perfect for the board. the battery holder also had an integrated on/off switch which was perfect for this project as well.

So step one was to open the parts that came in static free packages.

Step 2 was to get all the equipment ready. Heat up the solder gun, get the helping hands out and start soldering!

Step 3 was to assemble the microcontroller and all the parts.


Next was the Open heart and the LEDs, the assembly was very easy, much easier than I thought. (I am no expert at soldering so you can take my advice that this project is great for beginners)

Unfortunately I was too eager to give the gift to my friend before I took video of it working.

I do have the original code that I uploaded to the microcontroller. Unless you want my friends name (as that is what the heart spells out) then I doubt that you will find the code usefull.

This code came from  Jimmie Rodgers’s program called OpenHeartProgrammer which is a flash based program that is very Friendly to use. The program basically lets you click on an LED to turn it on or off. You then make multiple frames  that create a simple animation.

if you want the code email me and ill send it to ya 🙂

And that was my Valentines gift to my friend! It’s a cool project that you all should check out! Its super cheap as well!




(9v battery works fine too)

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me at alvarezomar4578 at yahoo dot com.

I hope you liked my first blog post ever LOL

MORE projects to come!